LG Squeezes Out The Ultimate Creator’s Work And Play Monitor


Writing and voiceover by Brad Upchurch

February 1, 2022

It’s the LG that many have been waiting for. A new exterior delivered with some shiny new expectations. At CES this January, LG revealed that they are no longer just pushing around the thought of heating the market. Let’s take a peek inside the OLED42C2 so open the roads to your mind to discover what surprises LG has in store for 2022.

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Growing The Range Of Choices

OLEDs are still kings of the screen world, and LG has expanded their lineup this year. While other technologies have given the OLED owners a run for their money; for extreme dark, color separation and bright accurate colors, nothing can touch the OLEDs. This marks a great time for every enthusiast to be thinking of leveling up their monitors with a new footprint. After all, there is a 30% increase in the brightness that can be anticipated with the Evo series. This increase is enough to notice in side-by-side comparison with other panels.

New Horizons Both Grand And Close For The OLED42C2

Following in lockstep with all TVs, the bezel has shrunk to 6mm for the 2022 model. The 42″ LG is getting all the same processor features as the entire rest of the C2 series. Let’s trace over every ray of light to find answers to all the puzzling questions.

Exceptional Performance

As we all know there are a dizzifying number of feature sets in the HD market. By reading, you’ve chosen a great way to stay up in this rapid pace of tech. Performance is one of three top concerns. If this is on your list, there are a number of panel TVs that have been finding their way onto the charts with Nvidia G-Sync inside. For LG in 2022 we are seeing an expanding importance of the C2 class in size and in brightness.

Powerful Connectivity With The OLED42C2

Let’s push the banner aside and breach into tech talk about these TVs. First, let’s turn around the OLED42C2 and see the connectivity. So many ways to connect now that TVs have come full circle and are supporting HDMI 2.1. This means they will support the HDMI specification that is standard on gaming consoles. Nvidia’s range of GTX and RTX are in a very competitive field. If you find the past is tapping on your shoulder holding some of yesteryear, LG still provides a range of options.

Many if not all competitive gamers depend on G-Sync to keep their machine charging forward with a glitch-free monitor. The refresh rate of 120 Hz is not mind blowing. However, with the combination of G-Sync it will be an enhancement. Otherwise the whole field of creative monitors is 60 Hz. While certainly there are a number of curved monitors that might be interesting, for general utility it is my opinion these fall short and I’ll tell you why; these monitors’ utility in wide real estate is less useful for creatives. Both color space and ability to be looking into the monitor for hours must be considered. While useful in a handful of forward-moving first-person games, an ultrawide didn’t pass for creative work; Ultrawides did not fair well for focusing on a single task at a time. These were good for heavy multi-tasking such as purchasing and shopping. Similarly, the width was overkill for Photoshop panels. On an ultrawide, panels made most sense to be floating, yet long term this is just not a good dependable work flow.

The Pushing Drive At LG To Create The 42″ OLED

The options are swiftly charging into place in the next quarter. The prices will be going down for various reasons, namely due to manufacturing. Having the ability to maximize the number of panels from the scale of LG’s OLED machines. The C2 series offers up to a remarkable 88″ screen size this year. For LG this means minimizing the waste of trimmings from their process. This creates value by preserving the most expensive and proprietary of their commodity.

4K And Pixel Ratios

For a creative end user, 42″ is ideal for 4k use for another reason. For all the magic of 4k, 5k or 8k for that matter, the scaling ratios impact how close a human can actually sit to the pixels. Likewise there will be an optimum size for 5k and 8k as well that is not 42″. There has never been a more perfect set of ratios that to some extent scaling can fix. As many experienced designers will tell you, the appearance of scaling artifacts are counterproductive.

The existence of scaling causes blurring in every case of text, and even with Microsoft’s type readability settings, there will be little to resolve it. OLED42C2 is a solid choice for perfect dot-pitch scale out of the box.

What Can Be Done

Scaling your monitor at a dot-pitch level is like slapping a dirty UV filter on your SLR camera. If you don’t need it, it shouldn’t be there. There are other cases where scaling is undesirable. Linux has limited rescaling ability on some distros. For most computer users, they may be frequently jogging and rescaling in their Chrome browser, which has two different scaling options, one for the menus and one for the content. If this is you, having an ideal monitor size that aligns well with 100% scaling in applications and menus, there are many softwares that can suddenly be useful. Additionally for Linux users and any future devices, having a 100% ratio is ideal.

Using Open Source Software More Effectively

Now that you have a basic understanding of why a 4K 42″ OLED with a 120Hz frame rate is a good workhorse for creatives, I’d like to share another context. With many applications it’s possible to do some scripting and Python integration. In many cases these windows are not scalable, and the developers that make these treasures aren’t always UI specialists. In a native scaling setup, all of these utilities can be used as intended. It’s such that developers rarely develop the code to do scaling. Until Rust or UI-first coding is made a part of open source projects, we won’t see much change.

Release Information For The OLED42C2

Now the OLED42C2 panel is in production. The more important change has been the reveal at CES that LG is manufacturing the C2 42″ at this point. Once we get this monitor in our hands, we will be feeling like gold. The delay in getting this to market has certainly created some heat. LG TVs arrive in the April-May time frame based on their cycle. The OLED42C2 is rumored to be hitting the market near the $999 price point. If you’re grabbing for answers and are within a knockout range of deciding, subscribe to our blog by email for an in-depth review!

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