SMS for Business is Booming

What is Business SMS Messaging?

The number one way people communicate today is via SMS messaging. According to recent statistics, over 90 percent of all text messages are opened within three minutes of being sent. This means that most people don’t even bother reading your message unless it’s extremely important. With Flexology, we make sure that your message gets delivered quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking to promote a sale, announce a promotion, notify customers about a change, or simply wish someone happy birthday, our team of experts can help you reach your target audience.

Text messages are still one of the best ways to reach consumers. But, thanks to advancements in technology, businesses now have access to even better tools for communicating with customers. Businesses can use mobile apps like Slack and WhatsApp to communicate with employees, while social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook offer businesses a chance to connect with consumers. However, there is one thing missing from all of these options: the ability to send out automated responses that don’t require human intervention.

Trust a Platform

We’ve built a platform that lets you leverage the power of text messaging to effectively market your brand, products, and services. Our innovative technology enables you to send bulk SMS messages without having to worry about sending too many messages or spending too much money. We offer text message marketing services for both B2C and B2B clients.

Why choose us? Because we understand how important text messaging is to reaching your target audience. We provide high quality solutions that allow you to grow your customer base and increase revenue.

For example, let’s say a consumer sends a question about your product or service to your business’s phone number. You could respond with something along the lines of, “Sorry, we’re closed today. Please check back tomorrow.” But what happens if someone calls your business during those hours? They won’t hear anything because no one answered the phone. And what if they decide to contact your business later that day? They’ll receive the same response.

Send Drip Campaigns

When is the time right for reaching out through email? This problem is solved by sending a text message instead. Companies are to send out automatic replies without having to worry about answering phones during off hours or dealing with missed calls.

Set up campaigns that will automatically text people every day for a set amount of days. This way you don’t have to worry about it. You just set SMS up once and forget about it.

Bobby Qintley

You can even change the text messages based on what you want to say. For example, you could say “Hey, I’m thinking about you today.” Or maybe you’d like to tell someone how much you miss him/her. Whatever you’re feeling, you can do it without having to think about it.

Once you’ve got everything setup, you can sit back and relax while your campaign runs itself. You’ll receive notifications if there are any problems, and you can always check your stats to see how many texts were sent, and how many replies each one received.

In addition, SMS provides a level of convenience that simply isn’t possible with other communication methods. Because if it’s a text message, people can reply quickly and easily. There’s no need to wait for voicemail, and there’s no need for someone to pick up the phone. In fact, some people actually prefer text messages over voicemails because they take less time to read.

While SMS is a great tool for reaching consumers, it does have drawbacks. Text messages tend to cost money, and depending on how much data your business uses, monthly fees can add up. In addition, there is a limit to how many messages you can send each month. Fortunately, there are solutions to help address both issues.

Convert Leads

Businesses are spending millions of dollars every month on marketing campaigns, but there’s one area where most businesses could save money: text messaging. There are over 2 billion mobile devices worldwide, meaning you can reach almost everyone with just one text message. And while many people think texting with SMS is outdated, it still works great for business purposes. For example, here are some ways you can use texts to turn leads into customers:

• Use text messages to remind customers about upcoming events. You can send out reminder texts to existing customers, or even potential ones. This way, you don’t have to spend money on advertising to make sure they know about the event. If you’re having trouble getting people to show up, try sending them a reminder text.

• Text messages can help you keep track of customer feedback. If someone sends a comment or question via text, you can respond quickly and easily. You can also let customers know how long it takes to answer, which helps build trust and rapport.

• Business SMS lets you communicate with customers directly. If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to contact a customer via phone, you know what I mean. But with business SMS, you can send a quick message to anyone without worrying about missing calls.

• Turn your business SMS into a lead generation tool. When you start reaching out to customers via text, you can ask questions like “What do you want to see next?” or “How can we help?” These types of questions give you insight into what customers might want, making it easier to find relevant products and services.

SMS Twilio

We embrace the Twilio Programmable Messaging API, which allows you to easily build SMS, MMS, or messaging into your apps. With Twilio’s REST APIs, it’s easy to integrate with your existing systems and tools like Salesforce, Shopify, and Slack. You can even use Twilio’s conversational bots to automate messages across channels. And because Twilio provides full support for both automated and human agents, you can send and receive messages across multiple platforms—including web, mobile, and voice.The Programmable Messaging API gives companies access to over 200 countries and territories around the world, plus support for both mobile and web apps. With Twilio’s messaging capabilities, businesses can send messages via SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Web Chat without having to build those channels themselves.

First, SMS costs vary based on the amount of data used. Most providers charge a flat rate regardless of usage, though some charge a lower price for fewer messages. Some businesses also choose to pay extra for unlimited messaging. Second, SMS offers limited storage space. While you can store hundreds of thousands of messages, there is a maximum capacity of 160 characters per message. This means that you can only keep track of a few hundred conversations at a time. To avoid running into problems, businesses often opt to set aside a separate number for SMS communications.

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